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  • University of Wisconsin- Madison

    B.S. 2002

    Communication Sciences & Disorders

    University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

    M.A. 2003

    Ph.D.  2011

    Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences


    Curriculum & Instruction - Literacy Education




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    Speech Language Pathologist




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    Professional Development Provider


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    Current courses taught at Minnesota State University:

    • Interprofessional Practice & Research (Undergraduate) - CDIS 350W
    • School-Age Assessment and Intervention  (Graduate) - CDIS 613
    • Literacy Diagnostic Clinic - CDIS 696
    • Research Methods in Communication Disorder (Graduate) - CDIS 610
    • Professional Preparation in Speech-Language Pathology - CDIS 697

    Past Courses taught:

    • Literacy Foundations and Disorders (Undergraduate & Graduate- online) - CDIS 409W
    • Observation of Human Communication (Undergraduate) - CDIS 201
    • Counseling in Communication Disorders (Graduate)
    • Assessment and Treatment in Speech-language pathology (Undergraduate)
    • Survey of Childhood Language (Undergraduate)
    • School Age Language Development & Disorders
    • Speech & Language Development (Undergraduate - online) - CDIS 312
    • Phonetics (Undergraduate - online) - CDIS 392
    • Child Language Disorders (Undergraduate) - CDIS 402/3



    * Exploring a specific language sampling procedure for school-age language screening, assessment and progress monitoring


    *Single subject design experiments with language and literacy


    *Camp Maverick: Rec N' Read, exploring child outcomes following camp, exploring counselor outcomes in regards to interprofessional practice


    • Minneapolis Public Schools
    • Mankato Schools District 77
    • Immanuel Lutheran School - Mankato

    2018 Presentations and Professional Development

    • Children's Hospital of Minnesota
    • Pediatric Therapy Services, Mankato
    • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

    2017 Presentations and Professional Development

    • Big Stone Therapies - Literacy Foundations, Assessment and Intervention for SLPs
    • Minnesota Speech, Language  & Hearing Association
    • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

    2016 Presentations and Professional Development

    • Owatonna Public Schools - Literacy Intervention
    • Mankato Public Schools - Language Sampling
    • University of Michigan - University Center for Language & Literacy
    • Minnesota Speech & Hearing Association Spring Conference
    • American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

    2015 Presentations and Professional Development

    • Indiana Speech & Hearing Association Spring Conference - Response to Intervention
    • Minnesota Speech & Hearing Association Spring Conference - Bilingual/Multicultural Roundtable
    • Minneapolis Public Schools ProPay123 professional development course on Literacy
    • Indianapolis Public Schools/Indiana University Inservice for School-age Language & Literacy
    • Minnesota State University, Mankato Continuing education program
    • American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

    Professional Development Testimonials.

    "Megan was a fantastic instructor. Extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She responded promptly to questions and made the class a positive learning environment."


    "I highly recommend this class for all SLP's. It has changed the way I look at literacy for my students and for my caseload. I feel I am a better clinician because of this class. Thank you for the opportunity:)"


    "The course was excellent. I am so glad that I took it. Megan was an excellent teacher that provided very meaningful, relevant, and timely curriculum for this topic."


    "It really transformed how I implement language and articulation intervention. It also pushed me to change my work setting for next year so that I will work with K-5 students and implement many of these strategies. But most of all, it was professionally stimulating and helped me grow as a SLP. Thank you!"



    “I really can’t begin to thank you enough, personally, for all you have done for (my child). Your assessments and help with his reading have made a huge impact on him and have truly helped him break out of the world he was in into a larger, more aware, communicative world. You have been a huge blessing to him and to me and to our whole family as well. Your time and talents truly have been an invaluable resource for us and I appreciate you so very much!”


    "I've worked with A LOT of professionals in those 13 years and I just have to say that YOU, definitely stand out as one of the best - you've probably done more for my boy than any one other person has and I am deeply grateful:)"


    "I don't know how to put into words how you have helped. You have given her tools to aid in her being successful. You have built up her confidence. Hard work pays off. She has come so far...thank you for your ongoing support and guidance."



    "Outside of my research, my encounters with Megan have been nothing but positive. As I observe her encounters with other classmates I can see that she strives to help all students obtain goals that may have previously seemed impossible. When she addresses each situation she does so in a manner that does not heighten the negative ideas, but provides ways to strengthen the positive ones. If at first there is no clear way to address the problem Megan does everything in her power to solve the problem. Challenges in terms of research, creative writing, or scholarships can be overcome with Megan’s insight and guidance. Though, she will not guarantee that it will be easy she will guarantee that she will find a way to make whatever it is the student wants to be achieved."


    "I feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazing professor like you and I just wanted to personally thank you for the email...Thank you for reaching out. It inspires hope in me that there are still good people in this world who will bravely send email like this. Thank you for all you do."


    "I have been wanting to tell you I've really appreciated having you as a professor. You demonstrate a very genuine concern for your students well-being, which can often be rare to see."


    "I appreciate your kindness! It is nice to know that there is a professor out there that cares!"






  • Selected Presentations & Publications


    MnSHA 2022

    Camp Maverick Presentation